Storm Reid is turning red — well, as red as a Black girl can — as she sinks into the chair she sits in across from me at a cafe in Studio City, Los Angeles. The 15-year-old is lowering her flushed makeup-free face into her hands and giggling uncontrollably. The catalyst for this overt display of embarrassment is a question about her prom date, Sayeed Shahidi. Yes, as in Yara Shahidi ‘s brother. Reid went to prom, like millions of other teens around the world, after an elaborate promposal orchestrated by Shahidi with the help of his big sister. Relaying the details of this grand romantic gesture causes Reid to abandon her perfect posture for the first time in our conversation.

“It caught me way off guard,” Reid says after slightly regaining her composure to dish on the specifics. Shahidi surprised her with flowers and a homemade sign that reads, “Storms are rare in LA. I’m lucky I found one. Prom?” while Reid was in hair and makeup for the premiere of her friend Marsai Martin’s movie Little Shahidi’s promposal was, naturally, shared by Reid to her 420,000 Instagram followers. “I was freaking out,” …read more

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