President Trump is threatening tariffs on $300 billion more of Chinese goods if Chinese President Xi Jinping doesn’t meet with him at an upcoming G-20 summit. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah found that threat sad, but on Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert laughed it off as “a pretty aggressive invitation. It’s like sending out an evite that says ‘Come to Rick’s barbecue if you ever want to see your family again.'”

Trump also keeps insisting he reached a secret deal with Mexico. “Yesterday, Mexico’s foreign minister said that no secret immigration deal existed between his country and the United States,” Colbert said. “So today, Trump answered his doubters in a way that I think deserves that we just take a moment … to appreciate what a bizarre person is leading our country.” He asked viewers to imagine any other president holding up a folded sheet of paper they claim is a secret deal they won’t let anyone else read.

But it turns out, “you can actually read what it says,” Colbert said. “Once again, Trump is foiled by his arch-nemeses, sunlight and reading.” He read what he wished the agreement included, then said …read more

Source:: The Week – Lifestyle


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