Facebook is looking for information on how people use apps, and they’re willing to pay for it.

The tech giant launched a new app in the United States and India on Tuesday, called Study. The app tracks how a person uses other apps, noting how long they are on them and any features they open. Facebook said it isn’t looking at web searches, photos, or account IDs and passwords. The company did not say how much they are paying users who install the app.

Facebook previously tried tracking users — without paying them — through the Research and Onavo Protect apps. Both of these apps were shut down after Apple said they violated the App Store’s privacy guidelines. Study is only available on the Google Play Store, and Facebook said this app was made in-house and is different from the earlier iterations. “It’s a lot of competitive intelligence, but a little less spying on the users,” Lance Cottrell, chief scientist at cybersecurity firm Ntrepid, told The Associated Press.

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Source:: The Week – Business


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