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After 20 years, Microsoft has decided that major scientific research organization CERN doesn’t qualify for its academic institution discounts on its products and services.
When CERN’s new contract began in March, Microsoft was charging it 10-times more than before to use its products.
CERN has decided that Microsoft isn’t worth it and has publicly launched a project called Microsoft Alternatives project, or (MAlt).
MALt will remove all Microsoft software and replace it with alternatives, often using open source, CERN IT pros say.
It will also help other academic and research organizations do the same.
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For 20 years, Microsoft has offered steep discounts to major European scientific research organization CERN, allowing it to qualify for Microsoft’s cheaper academic institution prices.

But a year ago, Microsoft started hinting that CERN would not longer qualify for the discounts and in March, 2019, a new software contract took effect that increased the organization’s costs by 10-fold, IT pro Emmanuel Ormancey wrote in a blog post published Wednesday.

So CERN is, very publicly, taking on a project to kick Microsoft out of its organization and find lower-cost alternatives, particularly open source ones. While Ormancey wrote that this project is intended to also kick …read more

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