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Apple tried to fix a photographer’s MacBook Pro, with the repairs costing an estimated $10,000.
The issue involved the computer’s screen, which didn’t seem to turn on no matter what. Apple did some costly repairs.
In the end, it turned out the screen’s brightness setting was turned all the way down, which is a simple and free fix.
But special circumstances meant that the issue wasn’t so easily diagnosed by the photographer or Apple — and highlights what appears to have been a flaw with the computer’s Touch Bar, the touchscreen strip above the keyboard.
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When photographer Greg Benz started having issues with his MacBook Pro, he did what most people would, and brought the $7,000 high-end machine in to Apple for repairs, he said in a blog post.

The issue: Benz’s MacBook Pro display wouldn’t turn on and remained dark no matter what he did. Not even Apple could figure it out. Benz went two weeks without his work machine while Apple twice replaced the computer’s logic board (the board that contains the machine’s important chips), as well as some cable replacements.

Eventually, Apple decided to just replace the MacBook Pro with a fresh …read more

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