Alexi Robichaux

Employees outside the C-suite can access a career coach through a startup called BetterUp.
BetterUp just raised $103 million in Series C funding.
CEO Alexi Robichaux said company leaders — and the startup community — are realizing how valuable career coaching can be.
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There was a time when career coaching was a perk limited to C-suite executives.

That left a whole bunch of ambitious professionals with nowhere to turn for advice on how to advance, improve their performance, or stay engaged at work.

In recent years, the startup community has infiltrated that untapped market: junior employees who would benefit from coaching, but can’t afford it on their own and can’t convince their companies to subsidize it.

One of the most successful examples is BetterUp, which connects workers at high-profile companies including Airbnb, LinkedIn, Lyft, and Instacart with trained coaches.

BetterUp just announced that it raised $103 million in a Series C fundraising round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Since launching in 2013, they’ve raised a total of over $142 million.

BetterUp’s clients are companies, not individual employees. Those organizations pay a monthly fee based on how many employees will use BetterUp’s services. Offerings include individual phone and video …read more

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