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Your iPhone will automatically trust any app downloaded via the App Store, as they have been evaluated and verified as safe by Apple.
Third party apps offered for download from other sources will require you to go through a multistep process before your iPhone will “trust” the apps and allow you to use them.
Be cautious when installing any app not downloaded via the App Store, even if you know its source, as an app can compromise your files and personal information, and even corrupt your iPhone.
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When you download an app from the Apple App Store, your iPhone won’t think twice about trusting the app. Once you use your password, Touch ID, or Face ID, the phone will let you install, open, and use the app, because anything available for download from the App Store has already been thoroughly vetted by Apple.

If you want to use an app from any source other than the App Store, however, your phone is programmed not to trust it, and will not allow you to use it until you manually trust the app after a multistep process.

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