Google Stadia

Google’s Stadia is an upcoming video game streaming platform that will deliver many of the year’s latest video games at 4K resolution with responsive controls.
While PC Gamers often invest $1,000 or more to build a computer that’s capable of playing games in 4K, Stadia Pro will offer players the same level of visual quality for $10 per month.
Of course, owning your powerful PC has benefits beyond of playing games, but services like Stadia will make it easier for more people to experience top notch games with premium settings.

For decades, high-end PC gaming has been a relatively exclusive club reserved for the those willing to invest $1,000 or more in building an expensive computer. The term “PC Master Race” has become a running joke in the realm of online gaming, referring to the class of hardcore gamers who celebrate the superiority of their customized computers over ordinary video game consoles.

But as the years have gone on, the line between high-end PCs and powerful gaming consoles have become blurred and the most popular games are developed with both communities in mind. Now, thanks to constantly evolving cloud technology, companies like Google and Microsoft are ready to offer …read more

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