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Back in 2000, what is now the modern superhero genre didn’t seem possible. “Blade,” about a half-vampire Marvel Comics anti-hero, was the closest audiences had at the time. That changed with “X-Men,” which introduced a franchise that came to a disappointing conclusion over the weekend.

“Dark Phoenix” opened in the US with $33 million, the lowest opening in the franchise, signaling that audiences might be over Fox’s mutant superheros — until Disney and Marvel introduce them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is. With Disney’s acquisition of Fox this year, “Dark Phoenix” is the final Fox X-Men movie, and the franchise’s future is in Disney’s hands.

But even though it’s suffered from a confusing timeline and less-than-impressive entries in recent years, the X-Men series may be the original superhero “cinematic universe,” before the MCU came to be.

Business Insider has ranked all 12 X-Men movies from worst to best, from “X-Men” to “Dark Phoenix.”

Below is every X-Men movie, ranked:

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12. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009)

A movie so bad it basically destroyed any plans Fox had for future “Origins” spin-offs, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is a monstrosity of a …read more

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