John Dean

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz and former White House counsel John Dean got into a war of words during a congressional hearing Monday, at the end of which Dean took a shot at the GOP’s failure to pass health care reform.
Dean, who served as Richard Nixon’s White House counsel and was the star witness in the Watergate hearings, was testifying about the Mueller report, which Gaetz has slammed as being politically motivated.
Gaetz repeatedly questioned Dean’s credibility, and at one point, asked him an unrelated question about how Democrats plan to pay for Medicare-for-all.
“Who? The Democrats? Which candidate? Can you be more specific?” Dean asked.
“Well, let’s get specific to Nixon, since that appears to be why you’re here,” Gaetz said, before Dean cut him off. “Well, actually, Nixon did have a health care plan,” Dean said, as the room burst into laughter and applause.
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John Dean, the former White House counsel to President Richard Nixon and the star witness at the Watergate hearings, pulled no punches while testifying to Congress about the Mueller report Monday.

The session devolved into two separate hearings. While Democrats pressed Dean and other witnesses on the merits of the …read more

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