Wendy williams danced with blac chyna and then cried about it on

We’ve been trying very hard NOT to make fun of Wendy Williams these days.

In fact, we’ve been trying awfully hard to be as supportive as possible of the talk show host, whose on-air style and persona can often be grating and inappropriate…

… yet whose personal life has been in shambles because her husband cheated on her for years and Williams ended up relapsing and living in a sober house as a result.

That sucks. He sucks. And she deserves our sympathy.

But you’ve gotta give us a couple minutes to laugh at Wendy’s expense, okay?

On Thursday morning, Williams shared a story with her audience about how she had gone out the night before with her 19-year old son, Kevin, and Blac Chyna, who had been a guest on her program one day earlier.

Emphasizing once again how much fun she’s having as a single woman, Williams explained to viewers how she’s “got a whole new life going on” and expounded as follows when discussing her evening of eating and dancing:

“Do you know that trick I do with my boobs that I’m not going to do for you right now? I’m not going to do it! I have on horizontal stripes, …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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