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The Trump administration is unveiling an immigration proposal Thursday that lawmakers from both parties have widely criticized, and fails to include several key immigration issues facing the country.
The plan will reportedly both impose steeper security measures at the US-Mexico border and give preference to highly educated immigrants with job offers.
Lawmakers and experts have derided it as “dead on arrival.”
But Trump administration officials told the Associated Press they hoped the proposal would make clear to 2020 voters what the Republican party is “for.”
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President Donald Trump’s new immigration plan is probably all about the 2020 election.

The Trump administration on Thursday was set to unveil a plan to overhaul much of the country’s legal immigration laws, reportedly pivoting to a “merit-based system” that prioritizes highly skilled workers who can demonstrate a “patriotic assimilation” into American life.

As both Republicans and Democrats have widely panned the plan for various reasons, speculation has been mounting that the proposal is effectively a way to finesse the Trump administration’s position on immigration ahead of a contentious 2020 election in which Trump is expected to make the issue a key focus.

The plan will both impose steeper security …read more

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