CAR T t cell blood samples

In the next generation of cancer treatments, patients could receive cells from strangers that have been engineered to better fight the disease.
An analysis done by Informa Pharma Intelligence for Business Insider shows that about $8.5 billion has been poured into licensing deals for this technology in recent years.
Nearly 30 drugs are being developed using this approach, according to the analysis.
Companies hope this “allogeneic CAR T” therapeutic approach could overcome limitations of existing cancer treatments, reaching more types of cancer in an easier, more convenient way.
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Wendy Fullem, a 54-year-old administrator at a New Jersey college, hadn’t been feeling well for some time when, in fall 2016, she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Leukemia is a type of blood cancer that comes in many forms. There were about 60,000 new cases in the US last year, and one treatment option is a bone marrow transplant, a decades-old scientific procedure that has potential to treat upwards of 70 different diseases, including many types of cancer.

Doctors quickly shuttled Fullem into an intense, weeks-long process of chemotherapy, followed by the transplant.

Doctors had warned Fullem that the post-transplant process would be “like hell,” and they were …read more

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