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Earlier this week, Felicity Huffman went back to federal court in Boston to formally enter her guilty plea, as part of the plea deal she worked out with federal prosecutors last month. Felicity admitted guilt in her part of the college-admissions scam, and the prosecutor has already entered a recommendation for Felicity to be sentenced on the low end of the sentencing guidelines, probably just four months in federal prison, and a minimum security one at that. Lori Loughlin on the other hand rejected the plea offer and in turn, she and her husband were indicted on additional charges and they could possibly be facing decades in prison if they were found guilty at trial. And Lori seems hellbent on going to trial, where she thinks her faith-based white-woman tears will sway a jury. Anyway, Lori wants people to know that she was “carefully monitoring” Felicity’s whole deal:

As Felicity Huffman appeared in court on Monday to formally plead guilty in the college admissions scandal, two other high-profile defendants paid special attention to the outcome. According to a source close to Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli, the couple “carefully monitored” the courtroom proceedings via …read more

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