Jenelle Evans and Her Daughter

This Not Exactly Just In:

Jenelle Evans is not the best mother on the planet.

Anyone who has tuned in for any episode of Teen Mom 2 or surfed the Internet for any amount of time is likely aware of this fact.

But Jenelle’s fitness as a parent has never been called further into question than it has been at the moment, with Child Protection Services having recently gone into her North Carolina home and removed her three kids.

Following a court hearing on Thursday, Ensley, Jace and Kaiser were all hauled away by the authorities — and it’s unclear when, if ever, they will be returned to their mom.

(Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, is the biological father of Ensley, while Jenelle’s shares Jace with Andrew Lewis and Kaiser with Nathan Griffith.)

It’s a very ugly and sad situation all around.

Evans, of course, has often made headlines for her controversial parenting techniques and decisions.

But CPS finally intervened after Eason admitted to shooting and killing his family’s dog, Nugget, because it allegedly snapped at little Ensley and placed her in danger.

According to various reports, Eason beat the dog bloody and senseless with his bare hands before putting it out of the misery he …read more

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