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The Mail app on the iPhone doesn’t allow you to block people from sending you email, but you can do this from each individual email service that you use.
You can block Gmail senders using the Gmail mobile app.
You can block emails on your iPhone from people who send you mail through services like Yahoo, Outlook, and iCloud using that site’s webmail page, either on the desktop or iPhone.
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Despite the convenience of having access to all your email anytime, anywhere through a small device in your pocket, there’s one major limitation of mail on your iPhone: There isn’t a simple way to block mail from specific senders. Apple’s Mail app lacks a simple “Block sender” command. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it, of course — it just takes a few extra steps.

The problem is that Apple’s Mail app pulls in and organizes messages from whatever various email services you use — Gmail, Yahoo, and so on. So to block a sender, you need to go to the source. That means either installing the free email app for that email service or logging in to …read more

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