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Even if you’re only passingly familiar with his music, you probably know the details of Elvis Presley’s final moments.

The King died as he lived — dogging a peanut butter, banana, and barbiturate sandwich while straining to produce his final project in a gas station bathroom stall.

We might be a little hazy on some of the details there, but the gist remains clear:

After years of hard living, Elvis passed away in 1977 at the age of 42.

And for reasons that remain unclear to those of us who have never worn a tinfoil hat or purchased a single copy of the Enquirer, millions of people are convinced the rock legend faked his own death and spent the past four decades hiding from the public eye.

Theories as to why and how one of the most famous men on the planet pulled off such a disappearing vary wildly.

But all the conspiracy theorists seem to agree on certain key points.

They believe that just like Tupac and countless Nazi war criminals, Elvis decided he would be happier living out his days in anonymous solitude, and he staged a premature passing before fleeing to a tropical hideaway.

Now, the head cases who continue to perpetuate this lunacy have …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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