In “Game of Thrones,” Old Nan speaks of the Long Night, a winter that lasted a generation. Not only is this possible, it happened in real life 20,000 years ago, when an ice sheet hundreds of meters thick covered most of Canada and parts of the US.
In real life, dire wolves did roam the (American) North, although they didn’t grow to the size of horses.
The Mountain would never be able to crush a man’s head until it burst, since an adult skull can withstand a whopping 1,000 lbs of force.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Is that really possible? Could you really kill with a kiss? Direwolves aren’t real, are they? Like millions of people worldwide, I’m a massive fan of “Game of Thrones.” White Walkers, dragon riders, plot twists, and politics, the works. But I’m not just a fan. I’m also a science writer. So while half my brain dreams about befriending a direwolf, the other half questions if it’s really possible to crush someone’s skull with your bare hands.

Is it just a TV show? Yes. Is it a fantasy TV show? Also yes. Am I still gonna …read more

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