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A couple of years ago, Danielle Mullins’ life was so full of drama that she almost singlehandedly put 90 Day Fiance on the proverbial map.

Recently, she’s been much quieter, thanking her fans for support but otherwise staying out of drama.

It turns out that she has a mystery man in her life. But who is he?

Instagram is great for cute family photos and for thirst traps, but it’s also an ideal place to hold Q&A sessions.

Recently, Danielle Mullins answered a number of fan questions, including whether she’s using any dating sites at present.

“NOOOO,” Danielle assured her fans. If you see her on a dating site, it is someone else.

“whether she was seeing anyone and how it was going.

“Yes!” Danielle answered.

“And,” she added. “It is going so good because it is private.”

That’s exciting news, but obviously, fans were eager to know more about Danielle’s relationship journey.

Despite her desire for privacy, Danielle spoke to In Touch Weekly about her mystery man.

“He had reached out to me and Mohamed both during our first season of 90 Day Fiance,” Danielle begins.

At first, it was merely a friendship, and Danielle notes that “we stayed in contact after me and Mohamed split.”

“He was …read more

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