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Charles Barkley was arrested in Milwaukee in 1991 after getting into a fight with three men outside of a bar.
On Tuesday, Barkley recounted the story, saying he took off his clothes in the snow and did “Karate Kid” moves in hopes of scaring off his attackers.
One man remained in front of Barkley, so Barkley punched him, breaking his nose, and was arrested.
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Charles Barkley on Tuesday gave more details about his 1991 arrest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, following a late-night fight with three men.

The Journal Times reported at the time that Barkley, then a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, was leaving a bar with a woman when three men approached him and antagonized him. According to the report, Barkley punched one man, breaking his nose, then nearby bouncers from a bar intervened and broke up the fight. Barkley and the woman left the scene, but Barkley was later arrested for battery and released the next day.

On “Inside the NBA” on Tuesday before the Milwaukee Bucks’ Game 1 win over the Toronto Raptors, Barkley said that the three men who approached him were weightlifters and that he used some unusual tactics trying to scare them …read more

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