Washington loves a good war.

Scratch that: Washington loves war, period. And “good” has nothing to do with it.

How do we know this? Because Washington has been fighting an interminable, slow-burn war in Afghanistan for more than 17 years, it opted to initiate a world-historical disaster in Iraq 16 years ago, and it followed a similar script 8 years ago in Libya with remarkably consistent results. Despite this record of idiocy and ineptitude, Washington is now revving up for war in Iran with even less justification and planning than went into those earlier conflicts.

To get a sense of the level of thinking going into formulating our Iran policy, listen to Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.) confidently pronounce on Firing Line that the U.S. would win any conflict with Iran swiftly and easily. Never mind that the U.S. also “won” the Iraq War in a matter of weeks — if by winning you mean decapitating the regime of Saddam Hussein and occupying the country.

Of course that was followed by the rise of an insurgency, the outbreak of a years-long civil war that tore the country apart, and the founding and spread of the Islamic State and outbreak of the Syrian …read more

Source:: The Week – World


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