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The White House has unveiled a new tool for people to report bias or censorship they encounter on social media sites.
Before users can provide the material though they must answer this question: Are you a US citizen or permanent resident?
The form doesn’t say exactly how the information will be used, which in the case of non-US citizens or permanent residents could be potentially dangerous.
Currently, President Trump is trying to add a similar citizenship question to the 2020 census, but that decision is still being decided by the Supreme Court.
on the Business Insider homepage.

The White House’s new online tool for people to report perceived bias or censorship on social media platforms asks users to submit screenshots, links and any other details that could show they were penalized for their political views.

It also wants to know if you’re an American citizen.

The online form, launched on Wednesday and officially called the Tech Bias Story Sharing Tool, asks about nationality in the third question, right after users enter their first and last names.

“Are you a US citizen or permanent resident?” the form asks.

On the landing page for the tool — which is no more than …read more

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