Beautiful Hannah Brown

You know how your Aunt Carol is always flooding your social media feed with memes about made-up holidays devoted to hot dogs or offshore oil rig workers?

Well, she dropped the ball in a big way if she failed to inform you that it’s national Hot Takes About the Bachelorette Day!

First, we learned that Nick Viall flat-out hates Luke Parker, who appears to be Hannah Brown’s frontrunner at the moment.

(Check out our Bachelorette spoilers if you want to see how that plays out.)

Now, it appears that Kelly Ripa is equally disdainful of the whole freakin’ franchise!

Yes, it may be the creeping apathy that comes with being forced to sit next Ryan Seacrest every morning, but it seems that Kelly has exactly zero f–ks to give.

The woman is creeped out by the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette content machine, and she doesn’t care who know it!

On today’s episode of Live With Kelly and Dude From American Idol Who’s Somehow Still a Thing, Seacrest revealed to Ripa that Hannah Beast herself will be a guest on the show later this week.

Not only did Ripa apparently have no idea who Hannah is, she made no qualms about the fact that she is not a member of …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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