Counterfeiting is nothing new. Remember bootleg DVDs? What about that pair of “Chanel” earrings you bought on Canal Street in New York, or the £10 “Rolex” you treated yourself to on the beach. A friend of mine once arrived at a restaurant and asked the awaiting gang of us: “What do you think of my new Louis Vuitton bag?” “I think it’s not Louis Vuitton,” I said, and we all laughed — because it cost £30, not £3,000.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, handbags are the most counterfeited item on earth, followed by shoes, watches, perfume, and cosmetics. But in one area of the fast-paced and hugely launch-driven beauty industry, business is really booming: Counterfeits and (usually vastly inferior) knockoff versions of the pricey beauty tools we love — from hair straighteners to battery-operated cleansing devices — are springing up as fast as new products appear, and you don’t need to lurk around a back alley to get your hands on them. They’re all online and as easy to obtain as the real deal. One beauty tech brand alone says hundreds of thousands of pounds’ worth of fake stock is being uncovered every week.

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