mcallen border patrol station

New photos taken from a helicopter above a Border Patrol station in McAllen, Texas, show the shoddy conditions migrant families are subjected to while they’re being processed.
The families have been placed in the fenced-in parking lot of the facility, with a canvas tent set up to shelter them.
Migrants and young children can be seen sleeping and lying on the ground, with only thin mylar blankets for protection.
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Conditions at the Border Patrol station in McAllen, Texas, appear to have deteriorated as an influx of migrants entering the US to seek asylum continues to outpace the space and resources available to process them.

Photos published by CNN on Tuesday showed migrants living in rough, open-air conditions at the makeshift tent encampment. Children could be seen sleeping on the ground, wrapped only in thin mylar blankets.

On Wednesday, Reuters shot aerial photos of the facility, showing a crowded, fenced-in area with a large canvas tent, and a number of makeshift awnings created out of the foil blankets.

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