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George Hu is the COO of multinational cloud communications provider Twilio, and the former COO of Salesforce.
He joined Salesforce as an intern and was personally mentored by CEO Marc Benioff all the way up to the company’s top team.
In Hu’s view, there’s one key attribute that separates great employees from good ones.
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George Hu is COO of Twilio, the cloud communications provider whose customers include Uber, Lyft and Airbnb. The 43-year-old told Business Insider over the weekend how his life changed forever when, as a young intern at Salesforce, he emailed CEO Marc Benioff with the solution to a problem.

Salesforce didn’t have a full understanding of its customers. The young Hu promptly analysed its customer base, and found most of its new users were coming in through word-of-mouth and referrals, rather than advertising. As a result, Salesforce pulled print advertising and bolstered its sales reps team.

Benioff was so impressed that he began to mentor Hu, handing him a broad range of leadership roles in different areas of the company and paving his way to the C-suite.

What Hu looks for in great employees

The fact that a young Hu took it upon himself to …read more

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