Ben Crudo

Ben Crudo is the CEO of Diff, a tech company that designs and builds e-commerce solutions for major retailers.
While on his honeymoon in New Zealand, he went without internet and cell phone access for three weeks, and the eye-opening experience made him acutely aware of his own tech addiction.
So he decided to ditch his smartphone permanently in favor of a “dumb” one that had just enough features to be useful: good call quality, no apps, and wireless hotspot capabilities.
He immediately experienced major withdrawal symptoms — anxiety about missing important emails, getting lost without GPS, and awkward subway rides without the escape of his newsfeed— but within a few days, he started to acclimate to his new reality.
Ultimately, he found that life without a smartphone is not only possible for someone in tech, but it’s made him a better, less distracted leader.
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On our honeymoon last year, my wife and I spent three weeks in the remote wilds of New Zealand. We had no internet access, no cell service and — to my complete surprise — no problems because of it.

It was the first time in my adult life I’d been without access …read more

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