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This past week brought fresh signs that the tech giants are in charge, as if we didn’t know that already.

First, Google is planning to make it easier for people to use the biggest web browser, Chrome, without being tracked by companies other than Google. Lauren Johnson broke down the implications:

It’ll limit advertisers’ and publishers’ ability to make money from targeted ads but may be a boon for privacy.
Google stands to win since it has reams of its own data across its own search, email and video services that can be used for ad targeting, while Facebook has the resources to withstand onerous rules and regulations.

Also last week, Chris Hughes’ call to break up Facebook was an opportunity to examine how Facebook became such an advertising powerhouse, despite years of measurement missteps and other scandals — and what it’ll take for advertisers to abandon it. Key points:

Advertisers might abandon Facebook if targeting limitations hamper its effectiveness.
The beneficiaries of such a shift are likely to be Google and Amazon, though.

Meanwhile, with upfronts in full force this week, the TV business has stalled in efforts to come together and agree on how to modernize how TV is bought and …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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