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College is more expensive than ever, leading many business leaders and experts to offer ways to get good jobs without needing a degree.
Yet college graduates still earn more than non-college graduates in every state in the US, according to data from the 2017 American Consumer Survey.
Here’s how much more college graduates make in every state.
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In light of the soaring cost of four-year college, leaders in education and business suggest Americans rethink the need for universities to find a good job. But at least for now, data suggests having a college degree pays more in the long run.

Tim Cook recently made headlines for stating that you don’t need a degree to be successful. Cook put his money where his mouth is: the CEO revealed about half of Apple’s new hires in 2018 did not have a four-year degree.

Cook isn’t the only one encouraging people to think beyond a bachelor’s degree to find a good job. Trade schools have touted the high wages blue-collar work can yield, including six-figures for heavy-equipment technicians.

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