We give a lot of our data to companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. But we don’t always know how well that data is protected.
Data breaches like Collection #1 or attacks like the T-Mobile hack happen way too frequently.
And companies like Facebook have been criticized for uploading user data without permission.
You can’t stop a company from getting hacked, but you can limit how much information you share.
Here are some simple ways you can maintain your privacy online.
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Narrator: If you’re watching this video, there’s a good chance your data has been hacked, leaked, or stolen. Over a billion users were affected by data breaches in 2018, and it seems like there are reports of new hacks every week. Can you even use the internet without your information eventually leaking? What’s going on with your data?

We trust companies with a lot of our data. Unfortunately, we don’t always know how the data’s being used or if it’s protected. Third parties accessing your information without your permission is never good. But there are actually a bunch of ways your information can be exposed. Large data …read more

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