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In 2017, YouTube considered changing a major facet of its business model— paying creators based on viewer engagement, rather than the ad revenue they created, according to a Bloomberg earlier this month.
Business Insider obtained unreleased YouTube support center drafts that provide more detail about the proposed payments model from 2017, showing that changes would have involved more than just engagement metrics.
According to the documents, YouTube was planning to introduce three new pillars to its payments model for creators: “attract, engage, and retain.”
A YouTube spokesperson told Business Insider that its “leadership decided not to move forward with this particular project as we got feedback the new metrics could be hard for creators to understand and directly impact.”
Bloomberg reported that Google’s chief exec also feared that the new model would increase the site’s problems with “filter bubbles,” — or, continuing to serve people content that appeals to their preexisting beliefs.
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In 2017, YouTube considered changing its business model completely — paying video “creators” based on viewer engagement, rather than on the ad revenue that their videos generated. The proposed changes were first reported by Bloomberg earlier this month.

The plan — known internally as “Project …read more

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