President Trump may lambast The New York Times as “fake news.” But even the Gray Lady is arguing that Trump’s 2017 tax cut deserves more love. According to a recent Times survey, just under 40 percent of Americans believe they’re paying lower taxes thanks to the GOP’s bill. Yet over two-thirds of Americans actually saw their tax burden drop in 2018.

A big reason for that gap is that the Trump administration forgot a key rule of politics: Keep it simple, stupid.

Obviously, the first priority of policy changes should be to actually make people’s lives better. But entangled with that is the need for politicians and parties to get credit when they help people. It’s not just about political self-interest, either: If the voters want to get people into office who will improve their lives and support their values, it’s rather important that voters be able to spot when a politician or party has actually improved their lives. Complexity is the enemy of that goal. If a policy works through byzantine bureaucratic mechanisms, it can be hard for voters to tell when it’s benefiting them — and harder still for them to figure out who to reward for …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics


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