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My Gmail inbox recently hit its maximum storage amount of 15 GB.
I either had to clear out some space, or start paying for email.
I opted to clear out the space. Here’s a good trick I used to bulk delete emails that I didn’t need anymore.
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I arrived at work on Monday to a daunting warning. My Gmail inbox had reached maximum capacity, and unless I did something about it, I’d no longer be able to send or receive emails.

I’m generally an “inbox zero” kind of person, meaning I try to clear my email inbox out every day and let my inbox serve as a kind of to-do list. But when I get rid of emails, I generally archive them and rarely ever delete them. That means the emails are still available and accessible if I need to find them, but they don’t clutter my inbox.

One of the main reasons I love Gmail is that you can archive emails, but still keep them forever. If I really wanted to, I could look back at email exchanges between my husband and I that we sent back when we were still “just friends.” I can easily …read more

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