Game of thrones preview will jaime repay his debt

Of all the things Game of Thrones has accomplished over its legendary run, a viewer could reasonably argue that the most impressive has been the rehabilitation of Jaime Lannister.

This was someone who had sex with his sister and who pushed a little boy out a window on the very first episode of the HBO drama.

Fast forward all this time, however, and Jaime is one of the most likable characters on the series.

He’s a fan favorite who has learned the error of his ways to such an extent that he arrived in King’s Landing on the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere to warn the Starks that his sister was about to betray them.

But here’s the thing:

That kid he pushed out the window? His name is Bran, and he’s very much alive.

And that king he slayed in order to earn his nickname? His daughter is now a queen, with two dragons at her disposal and her sights set on the Iron Throne.

So we’re not sure what sort of welcome Jaime hoped to receive upon his arrival at Winterfell — but the preview featured here makes it clear that it won’t be a positive one.

In this one-minute teaser, we see Daenerys …read more

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