selfie made millionaires and billionaires 4x3

From Rihanna to Emily Weiss, more young women are disrupting the beauty space with cosmetic lines that thrive on social media.
While millennials are leading the way with the industry’s disruption, other generational outliers — notably 21-year-old Gen-Zer Kylie Jenner and 62-year-old Anastasia Soare — are also key players in the trend.
Over time, beauty industry marketing has evolved from word-of-mouth and traditional ad campaigns to Instagram tutorials and user-generated content, making it easier than ever to launch a new brand.
This has opened the door for celebrities and influencers to create their own beauty brands and sell them to their strong social media followings, transforming fanbase numbers into revenue.
This has given rise to a new generation of wealthy women, who sit on top of beauty empire fortunes they created with their own digital prowess.
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Social media has minted a new type of money maker: the “selfie-made billionaire.”

That’s what Natalie Robehmed of Forbes dubbed Kylie Jenner, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire ever.

Jenner’s $1 billion net worth comes largely from her eponymous cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics, which launched in 2015. Three years …read more

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