Public Goods

Public Goods is a new online store that specializes in essentials like food, household, and personal care products.
It uses both an annual membership program like Costco’s and a private-label model where each product category offers pretty much one choice.
The company’s tagline is “It’s all good,” meaning that each product is natural, organic, and/or sustainable.
We ordered a smattering of Public Goods products to see if that was true.

Public Goods is part of a new breed of online shopping startup.

This time, the equation is Costco + Brandless = Public Goods.

The relatively new online store specializes in essentials like food, household, and personal care products, all with slick, Instagram-friendly branding. It requires a membership, which costs $59 a year. (Costco’s membership costs $60 a year.)

“Our membership model, it allows us to deliver that quality without compromise but still being accessibly priced,” Morgan Hirsh, Public Goods’ CEO and founder, told Business Insider.

It also fits the mold of recent online shopping startups like Brandless, which launched a shop that offers natural, organic, and sustainable own-label goods that are priced in $3 increments. Public Goods offers a similar focus, but without the specific price target.

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Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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