Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard about the widespread college admissions scandal that’s ensnared a number of wealthy and unscrupulous parents, most notably actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

Loughlin’s alleged crimes are considered to be among the most egregious, due to the ridiculous lengths the former Full House star went to in order to ensure that her two daughters would be admitted to USC.

Loughlin reportedly shelled out $500,000 for the con, which included bribing officials and hatching an elaborate scheme to make it look as though her daughters had rowed crew in high school so that they could be admitted as members of USC’s team.

On Thursday, the fallout began in earnest when Loughlin’s youngest daughter, a 19-year-old Instagram influencer who goes by the name Olivia Jade lost her partnership with Sephora.

The deal was a windfall for Olivia in terms of both cash and exposure, but the products she helped develop with Sephora have been pulled from the company’s website.

Hours later, she lost a lower-profile deal with a clothing brand.

Later that same day, Loughlin was fired by Hallmark, following a nearly a decade-long partnership with the TV network and film studio.

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Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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