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The complaint Spotify filed against Apple with European competition regulators on Wednesday represents a real danger to the iPhone maker.
Spotify’s complaint looks legitimate and is similar to those successfully made against Microsoft and Google.
European regulators have been much tougher in recent years in cracking down on tech companies anti-competitive moves than American antitrust regulators.
Should they find Apple guilty of abusing its market power, the company could face big fines and restrictions that could thwart its burgeoning services business.
The complaint comes amid growing complaints in the US about the market power of big-tech companies and could spur a parallel investigation here.
Apple could see its reputation tarnished by such investigations, which could be the biggest danger of all.

Spotify’s decision to file a complaint against Apple with the European Commission alleging unfair competition should worry the folks in Cupertino.

At first glance, the streaming music company would seem to have a legitimate complaint. In fact, what Apple is alleged to be doing isn’t all that different from what got Microsoft in trouble with antitrust authorities 20 years ago and what led to a $5 billion fine against Google just last year.

If history is any guide, Spotify’s complaint could lead …read more

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