Jho Low

The Justice Department is investigating if Malaysian businessman Jho Low donated to the Trump Victory committee, which raises money for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Low pulled off one of the biggest financial scams of all time, according to authorities, stealing around $4.5 billion from the Malaysian government.
The donation was allegedly funneled through a US citizen who took a $1.5 million investment from Low.
Low has tried to lobby the Trump administration over the investigation into him.

The US Department of Justice is investigating whether the Trump Victory committee indirectly took a $100,000 donation from Jho Low, who the department believes pulled off the biggest financial scam of all time, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Low has been a fugitive from the United States since November 2018, and is believed to be living in China. The Justice Department and Malaysian government believe he pulled off a scam that involved convincing the prime minister of Malaysia to form a sovereign wealth fund — called 1Malaysia Development Bhd, or 1MDB — and then siphoning off that money to himself through a complex series of bank accounts …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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