EDMONTON — It was the post-game comment heard ‘round the Edmonton Oilers’ world.

“At this time of year, the coaches can’t want it more than the players.”

Head coach Ken Hitchcock said it on Saturday night, after a woeful home-ice performance in a 5-2 loss to San Jose, and his players had a full day off on Sunday to allow that thought to ruminate. To chew on it a bit, let it rate around their brains before walking back into Hitchcock’s video room on Monday morning.

“It was quiet, at the start,” said Hitchcock. “I think they were expecting something different.”

As it turns out, Hitchcock meant something different. When he said, “the coaches can’t want it more than the players,” it turns out us scribes took it out of context.

“The coaches can’t want it — and I meant the style of play — more than the players. The players have to want that style of play,” Hitchcock corrected on Monday. “It’s about the style of play.

“The way we have to play to win is a very difficult game. It’s very challenging, it’s physically demanding, it’s not fun. But it’s the way we’re built right now, but we have to …read more

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