Yessir, the Toronto Maple Leafs are a terrific hockey team this season. Lots of flash and dash, lots of big-name talent.

That, however, doesn’t make them good enough to overcome spotty goaltending, an uncharacteristically bad power play, costly turnovers and dumb offensive zone penalties coming right after momentum building shifts, all on the same night.

Come to think of it, no NHL team these days is that good. The league is just too closely bunched.

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Conversely, the Detroit Red Wings are a bottom third team in the NHL these days, a team that doesn’t score much, gives up too many and struggles on both special teams.

But give them easy goals, an ability to take penalties without paying any consequences and some opportunistic sniping, and they can be much more competitive than is normally the case.

So that was the story on Thursday night between the Leafs and Wings on



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