Parents, listen: I know you have strong political opinions. Maybe you’re even part of the 40 percent of Americans who think President Trump is doing a good job! But that is not an excuse to inflict terrible pro-Trump toys on your innocent children this December.

Most political toys are novelty items desired more by collectors with bad taste than actual kids. Forget being naughty or nice — finding one of these in your stocking is worse than getting a lump of coal. Here are 18 presents to absolutely not get for any children this season.

1. An extremely boring ‘Lego’ set
Price: Preorder for $29.95

(Keep and Bear)

CNN had to talk to experts to figure out that this faux-Lego “build the wall” set is “probably more for the parents.” No kidding — what kid gets excited about building a wall? The glaringly racist toy comes from the pro-Trump website Keep and Bear, which also sells a “Trump sends Hillary to prison” set.

2. A magic eight ball with Trump’s voice
Price: $16.95


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Source:: The Week – Lifestyle


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