Premiere of Neon's 'Vox Lux' - Arrivals

Here are some photos of Natalie Portman last night, fresh off her day-long BEEF with Jessica Simpson. I jest – Jessica and Natalie’s beef was more of a misunderstanding, and they worked it out like adults. After they worked it out, Natalie attended the LA premiere of her film, Vox Lux. She wore this satin Dior suit which… is okay? I would have loved to see Natalie in something a bit crazier – she is playing a costume-wearing pop star, after all – but this is fine. I’m also including photos of Jude Law, her Vox Lux costar, wearing his favorite drop-crotch pants.

The root of Natalie’s beef with Jessica Simpson was some off-hand comments Natalie made to USA Today during an interview. While the Jessica comments were arguably the most notable part of the piece, the whole piece is pretty good – you can read it here. Some highlights:

On gun violence: “I think all of us as citizens are at the sort of tipping point of saying it’s enough, it’s too much. And it’s not possible that our government can ignore more than 12,000 people killed this year alone by other citizens.”

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