It may be hard to believe now, but shortly before Natalie Portman won her Best Actress Oscar for the 2010 psychodrama Black Swan, multiple cultural critics wrote think-pieces openly pondering whether or not she was any good at acting.

At the time, the question actually made sense. Black Swan is such a wildly over-the-top movie that Slate’s Tom Shone suggested Portman’s fiercely committed turn in it was just “a special effect.” Prior to Black Swan, over the first 15 years of her career, Portman flitted so easily between arty indie films and big-budget blockbusters — with performances ranging from intense to strangely flat — that Nathan Heller compared her to the kind of high school overachiever who joins a dozen extracurricular clubs, but really only belongs in two or three.

Since Black Swan though, Portman has starred in another, very different Oscar-nominated movie, 2016’s Jackie. She’s also appeared in a couple of Terrence Malick films, and become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to two (underrated) Thor adventures. For the most part, she’s been more selective about the jobs she takes lately. She works less and with a clearer sense of purpose.

Portman’s year has been bookended by …read more

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