Well this we did not expect. More parents are naming their babies after the first lady and first daughter, with “Ivanka” having surged in popularity by 362% and “Melania” by 227% since 2015, according to an AreaVibes review of Social Security Administration data. (Hello, MAGA onesies?)

At the same time, Ivanka’s sis Tiffany saw her name popularity decline by 17% (sorry, Tiff). “Barron” jumped by 90%, while “Donald” dropped by 11% and “Eric” is down by 6%.

The growing interest in their unique names, at the same time that “Donald” is falling out of favor, speaks to the perception of Ivanka and Melania as neutral, peacemaking figures despite their complicity in the administration’s worst policies. We can just picture a specific type of Dallas mom naming her little precious Ivanka because “she’s so graceful and elegant.”

While use of their names is rising, they’re still both very uncommon. In 2017, only 164 baby girls were named Ivanka. It’s less popular than “Ivana,” of which Ivanka is a nickname in Czech: 191 girls got the name in 2017. (Ivanka Trump’s real name is actually “Ivana”; she was named after her mom.)

Pamela Redmond Satran, cofounder of Nameberry.com and author of several baby-name …read more

Source:: Refinery29


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