Sci-fi is a genre built on pushing the limits of the imagination, but for all its originality, there is still an abundance of groan-worthy tropes. Aliens are invading … again. The computer is probably evil. And those ever-present pew-pew-pew sound effects? They should not exist.

Among sci-fi’s most confounding motifs is what I’ll call “the dead child back-story.” Almost every astronaut seems to have one, from the protagonists of critically-acclaimed films like Arrival and Gravity, to the widely-panned Netflix release Cloverfield Paradox. The new Syfy series Nightflyers, which premieres Sunday at 10 p.m., is no different. It uses an unthinkable terrestrial occurence — the death of a child — as inroads into more astral phenomena.

Based on a 1980 novella by George R. R. Martin, Nightflyers is Syfy’s expensive new bet on the Game of Thrones author. But anyone seeking dragons and knights is out of luck here; Nightflyers follows a colony ship into the outer reaches of space as its crew seeks to make first contact with a race of aliens thought to be the only chance at saving Earth from its own self-inflicted destruction. But then, conditions on board the ship begin to go fatally awry as …read more

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