Running a modern state, let along a global superpower, is a complicated business — and Republicans are absolutely horrible at it.

The Florida panhandle is recovering now from the devastation of Hurricane Michael — a bit over a year since Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed a Republican bill loosening its building codes. Meanwhile, half the Republicans running for re-election in the midterms are swearing up and down that they support ObamaCare regulations to protect people with pre-existing conditions — that is, telling a baldfaced lie about their multiple attempts last year to completely repeal ObamaCare and the ongoing efforts to repeal it through the courts.

How can Republicans get away with this kind of malignant incompetence? Because they’re masters of distraction.

Let me start with the Florida story, which requires a bit of background. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which obliterated hundreds of thousands of Florida homes, the state adopted the strongest building codes in the country. It made new houses more expensive — but certainly cheaper than having to constantly rebuild. And studies after Hurricane Irma found that houses built under the new code fared much, much better than older ones.

But in 2017, pressed by the Florida Home Builders Association, …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics


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