Princess Eugenie wedding

Princess Eugenie was such a beautiful bride! She was conservative and traditional, but there were some “twists” on tradition that won me over too. Eugenie’s wedding gown was by Peter Pilotto, a designer who was not on ANY of the short-lists. No one versed in royal wedding gossip had even mentioned Pilotto as a potential designer (Pilotto designed this jointly with Christopher De Vos, for what it’s worth!). I’m so happy that she was able to pull off that surprise. The gown itself was well-made and pretty – the cinched waist, the off-the-shoulder and the peak of her shoulder blades, all of the made me happy. It was said that Eugenie wanted to show her scoliosis scar on her back, so she could normalize it. I barely even noticed the scar, honestly. My least favorite part of the gown was the detailing on the shoulders, like the little fabric foldover. I thought that looked dated.

Beatrice didn’t wear a veil, which surprised me! I thought every “traditional” bride had to wear a veil. I think this too was about her scoliosis scar – she didn’t want to hide …read more

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