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The largest publicly traded marijuana companies — even when listed on American exchanges like NYSE — are completely forbidden from operating in the US.
This means the entire American marijuana sector is missing out on hundreds of billions of dollars of investments that are instead going to Canadian firms.
Terra Tech CEO Derek Peterson has a plan to change this, and it starts with a full-page ad titled “Dear Mr. President,” which is slated to run in the Wall Street Journal next week along with ad slots on “Fox and Friends.”

Marijuana stocks are booming this year.

A handful of Canadian cannabis companies have successfully raised billions on American stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, but thanks to federal laws that forbid them from operating in the US, every cent of that capital is heading north of the border.

Legally-operating US marijuana companies — in places like Colorado where the drug is legal, at least on a state level — have largely missed out on the success stories of their Canadian peers due to federal drug laws that stand between their equity and a listing on a major exchange. Derek Peterson, CEO of California-based Terra Tech, …read more

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