MONTREAL—By the end of the game, the Montreal Canadiens had recorded 40 shots on net and scored zero goals.

The effort was there, the execution wasn’t.

Result? 3-0 Los Angeles Kings.

The thing is, even if the Canadiens follow through on their plans, they’re going to have a hard time scoring goals on any given night. They’re going to have a hard time preventing them, too.

They are a team made of fast, hard working, and relentless players, but the talent discrepancy between them and their competition is going to be an obstacle on most nights—and that’s an undeniable reality.

Here’s another: They are the smallest and lightest team in the NHL, and the Kings are the fifth-tallest and third-heaviest.

The Canadiens might have overcome that by gaining the lead and dictating the style of game, but they weren’t able to do that on this night.

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“They clogged it up pretty good,” said Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher after the game. “We spotted them a two-goal lead and that’s …read more



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